Club History

The idea for the Lilac City Curling Club was germinated during the 2010 Winter Olympics by some officemates who discovered they shared an interest in this strange but fascinating game. None of them had every tried the sport (one of them did own the movie Men with Brooms), but that didn’t stop them from asking around about local opportunities. Sadly, they hit nothing but dead ends and seemed to have nothing to show for it but a page on Facebook.

Fast forward to the summer of 2011, when an email inquiry sparked a resurgence of interest and a glimmer of hope. By January, the club had been provided a fundraiser by C.I. Shenanigan’s (and remains eternally grateful) attended graciously and enthusiastically by Arnie Iwanick of the Evergreen Curling Club, who brought an indoor curling set as well as donations to put up for raffle.  Just 2 months later the resurgent club hosted their first open ice event courtesy of Eagle’s Ice Arena (Thanks, Eric!), who also donated a few stones to use for the event. At that event, club members got to try their hand at the game, most for the very first time. More importantly the new club was introduced to some very fine gentlemen; Jim Thrash, Ron McIntee and Wayne Lucas who were original and life-time members of the Spokane Curling Club, which dissolved in the early ‘80’s after decades of successful curling.  It turns out that these fine gentlemen knew where there were some stones and other equipment and very kindly donated their old gear to the new club, thereby passing on the torch of curling in Spokane.

That pretty much brings us to where we are today, fall of 2012, launching the first season of league curling in Spokane in 30 years. We look forward to fully bringing curling back to Spokane and to continue in the tradition of the original club. Join us, won’t you?